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8 years old Diana Kidisyuk has 100 Million+ Subscribers on her YouTube channel.

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In 2015 when she was 1 year old her parents started making her video.

Credits: Parents

Diana posts child content on her channel, which is one of the biggest channels in the world.

Credits: Instagram

Originally Diana is from Ukrain and she made the video with her brother Roma.

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Her YouTube channel name is "Kids Diana Show", and at present moment channel has 102M Subscribers.

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Diana's father Volodymyr and Mother Olena are now full-time YouTubers, they both left their job.

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Before starting YouTube Volodymyr was an IT Programmer and Olena working as a Marketing Manager for a Construction company.

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Her parents said in starting their intention was not like earning money, but just making sure they won't be lost their children's videos.

Credits: Haaretz

The channel was growing very fastly, at some point channel hit 5M subscribers in just 3 months.