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Denver Brocons offence on KJ Hamler could be dangerous for team.

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Denver encountered fourth-and-1 from the 5-yard-line in extra time and chose to pull out all the stops.

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Hamler got completely open on the inclination to Russell Wilson's right side.

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I might have strolled in," a baffled Hamler told NFL Organization's James Palmer after the game.

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We went down the field rapidly (in additional time)," Hamler said, by means of the Denver Post.

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We get into the red zone, into that 'gold zone,' we've quite recently got to figure out how to continue to push and how to wrap up. 

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The Brocons haven't been near scoring 40 points in any challenge.

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On the last play, you got to run the ball," Sherman said. 

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Everybody associated with or watching the Brocons offense is disappointed as of now.